The GTN SAP Strategy




We have helped many organisations reinvent their business intelligence strategy.

Here´s how we start the ball rolling…



Starting with the basics


It doesn´t really matter about the size of a company or what industry they are in, a common problem with organisations is that they struggle with answers to some of the basics.


Conceptualising the Strategy

With a wealth of knowledge we are the partner you can trust; Someone who will take the time to understand your challenges, organisation and business goals. Collaboratively, our experienced consultants will form a strategy that can be clearly articulated and meets your tactical and strategic needs.


Putting It Into Context

There is always more than one way of achieving any strategy, this is our pivotal stage where our experience counts, carefully shaping a strategy to meet the target. We always provide you options and assess them to a criteria we can agree with. We will help you to understand and select your options. Then we will create and socialise the strategy so it is acceptable and clearly understood by the organisation; a key ingredient to success.


Roadmap for Success

We have always believed that strategies need to be flexible. Implementing a strategy into an actionable roadmap needs skill and experience, it´s not as simple as plotting a journey from A to B. In executing a strategy we believe you need the right people, sharing common goals, people who can carefully navigate to the end point, changing the course if need be.



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