Keep pace with the changing rules of retail. Digitize your business for multi-channel, shopper-centric success with GTN’ comprehensive portfolio of retail solutions and accelerators.


The GTN Advantage

The rules of retail have changed. Digitally-savvy customers armed with smart devices expect retailers to engage with them on all fronts – social media, in-store, online and on their mobile. Retailers growing in this scenario, exploring newer channels, marketing formats and geographies need agile processes and robust IT to support and enable this growth.

GTN has helped leading retailers increase revenue by delivering great buying experiences. With a focus on multi-channel, digital marketing and shopper-centric merchandizing, our solutions and services help you transform your business with minimal time-to-market. 9 of the top 10 US retailers and 6 of the top 10 UK retailers have experienced this while partnering with GTN.


Solutions We offer

We offer a comprehensive suite of retail services and solutions that enable end-to-end transformations. Our offerings leverage our in-depth technology expertise and rich retail industry domain experience to deliver results with uncompromised certainty. We cater to all kind of segments like food and grocery, specialty retailing, non-store retailing, fashion and apparel, general merchandise retailing and pharma retailing.

Services: Our analytics-led advisory services help you align business strategy and processes, and select and implement the right technology to meet the needs of today’s digital customers.


SAP Retail Solutions
Accelerate transformation programs, optimize business processes, and deliver customer-centric solutions with faster time-to-market using GTN SAP Retail Solutions.

GTN solutions are designed to understand the preferences and behavior of your customers, optimize assortments, create real-time visibility for pricing and inventory, improve conversion with personalized offers and reduce costs with effective supply chain management.

The GTN advantage

Rich SAP retail experience: We have rich consulting experience with in-depth knowledge gained from 25+ global SAP retail engagements and 850+ SAP retail consultants around the globe.

Accelerated implementation tools: GTN Rapid Deployment Framework has a large repository of re-usable templates, white-space solutions and re-usable integration assets that help accelerate your transformation projects.

Customer-centric retailing: Our experience with customer-centric assortments, space planning and in-depth personalization helps you enhance customer experience and improve sales.

Enabling real-time retail: We have vast experience in building store applications that provide a real-time store view to enhance your real-time inventory visibility. This helps you identify potential stock out and reduce shrinkage.

Omni-channel enablement: We have vast experience in enabling large omni-channel programs with SAP as a core for merchandising, inventory and procurement solutions. We implemented a large omni-channel foundation program for Marks and Spencer, a major fashion and general merchandise retailer in the United Kingdom.

Solutions/Services we offer

Rapid Implementation and Deployment Framework for Retail: This is a framework of re-usable business process models that can be used during SAP implementations. Our solutions have a repository of 150+ retail scenarios modeled and documented in ARIS Business Architect. Kick-start your SAP implementation with pre-configured templates and industry best practices.

SAP Promotions Planning: It is a comprehensive solution that helps you collaborate better and manage the complexity of planning profitable promotions across multiple channels. We have built solution accelerators and a pre-configured solution for the implementation of SAP-Promotions Management for Retail.

Store Power: This in-store transformation solution drives operational efficiency and improves customer engagement. It is a mobile application integrated with SAP that provides real-time alerts and analytics. Reduce back-office efforts in the store by up to 20%.

Perishables Shrinkage Management: This focuses on reducing the perishables shrinkage, thereby improving your bottom-line. It provides you with insights by tracking perishable inventory and actual sales against forecast in real time. It calculates and suggests actions like gradual mark-down pricing to clear out inventory well before the end of shelf life.

SAP Retail Planning: These include pre-configured solution accelerators for the implementation of SAP Retail Planning. Carry out key figure planning at different hierarchy levels and transfer the key figures relevant for the operational processes to an executing system.

Solution Benefits
  1. Accelerate transformation programs by reducing blue-printing efforts up to 20% and overall delivery time and effort by about 25%
  2. Achieve greater operational efficiency for the store with real-time insights accessible on a mobile platform
  3. Streamline functions such as ordering, inventory and customer engagement and enable store associates to spend more time with your customers
  4. Build a real-time view of your inventory with a focus on reducing shrinkage losses by clearing out the inventory of short-life date-coded items
  5. Provide your customers with a seamless omni-channel experience across different channels and customer touch-points, enabling the customer to build a single item, customer and inventory view

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