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This data comes from everywhere: sensors used to gather climate information, posts to social media sites, digital pictures and videos, purchase transaction records, and cell phone GPS signals to name a few. This data is big data

What’s New Here?

Business executives sometimes ask us, "Isn’t big data just another way of saying analytics?", they are related but there are some fundamental differences now.


Enterprises are awash with ever-growing data of all types, easily amassing terabytes—even petabytes—of information. For example, you could turn turn 12 terabytes of Tweets created each day into improved product sentiment analysis.


Sometimes a minute is too late. For time-sensitive processes such as fraud, big data must be used as it streams into your enterprise in order to maximize its value. You could, for example, scrutinize 5 million trade events created each day to identify potential fraud or analyse 500 million daily call detail records in real-time to predict customer churn faster.


Big data is any type of data – structured and unstructured data such as text, sensor data, audio, video, click streams, log files and more. New insights are found when analyzing these data types together.


1 in 3 business leaders don’t trust the information they use to make decisions. How can you act upon information if you don’t trust it? Establishing trust in big data presents a huge challenge as the variety and number of sources grow.

Harnessing the Power of Big Data Analytics for Business Users

Whether you want to measure consumer sentiment, optimize supply chains, or detect fraud – big data is powerful. But to harness that power, organizations must hire data scientists, craft complex algorithms, and make massive investments in infrastructure and software. That leaves business leaders and the IT professionals supporting them wondering:

Is it possible to make big data useful for business users?

We can help you tame BIG data by:

  • Consolidating relevant data from multiple sources, including big data repositories
  • Choosing the method most relevant for you and your IT infrastructure
  • Leveraging existing investments in big data infrastructure or data warehouses
  • Accessing big data without complex data modeling or programming
  • Explore associations between big data and traditional data
  • Visualise big data with engaging, state-of-the-art graphics
  • Access and analyze big data from mobile devices
  • Enable social decision-making through real-time collaboration



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