Our methodology is a hybrid between ASAP approach and agile. Though we follow the ASAP methodology for our implementations, we recommend constant prototyping of our key design decisions during the blueprint phase.



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Onsite Model

This model is suited when the technical team needs to be in close contact with the functional team.

This model is well suited when there is a need to have constant and continuous interactions. In our opinion, EPM implementation will fall into this category.

Though we follow the ASAP methodology, we have a small twist to the methodology which is more related to an agile approach.

We recommend constant iterative prototyping even during the blueprinting phase of the EPM project. EPM projects need constant interactions with the client and an onsite model provides it.

We also recommend this model due to the quality of the resources available onsite in this niche product.


GTN has the innate ability to implement projects quickly, smoothly and cost effectively.  Our team of experts has worked on hundreds of successful implementations and understands the criticality of the preparation and blueprint phases of your SAP implementation project.  

We make sure that all work is clearly defined and that we understand your expectations. Then we bring together the right skills to successfully deliver what you've asked us to do.

We use a selection of tools to clarify your implementation strategy, including SAP’s AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) methodology: a best practice approach to SAP implementation, based on knowledge drawn from our wide range of previous projects.

We have the ability to guide you through the two key areas of SAP implementation:

  • First time SAP implementation, where we do all implementation-related activities for you
  • Already existing SAP customer but you may want to:
    • Add additional functionality such as another module
    • Rollout to other countries/ areas of the company/ different departments

We also make use of custom tools, preconfigured templates, and proven methodologies - including Absoft’s own data migration methodology, MIGRATE.  Based on our extensive experience of SAP projects, MIGRATE addresses key SAP data migration tasks and associated risks.

Why choose GTN?

  • We’ll work at your chosen pace to ensure a smooth SAP implementation with minimum disruption to your business
  • We have industry specific expertise in oil and gas, public sector and manufacturing.
  • We have access to the latest SAP processes and technology
  • We have a widely talented pool of expert consultants
  • We have proven implementation strategies
  • We have expert knowledge in that we can solve virtually every type of SAP problem

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